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This week’s local youth league results:


U18 Benevolent Cup Semi-Final: Farndon Colts 1, Ashfield Scaffolding Athletic 2. Division Plate: Linby Colliery Colts 4, Southwell City Colts 0; Manor FC 2, Southwell City 7; Underwood Villa 0, Newark Town 6.

U16 KO Cup Quarter-final: Sherwood Colliery 3, Long Bennington Foston 0. Division One: Clipstone Colts 2, Shirebrook Rangers Red 4; Worksop Boys Club 6, Swanick Pentrich Road 1. Division Two: Walesby JFC 1, Tuxford YFC 0.

U15 Benevolent Cup Semi-Final: Shirebrook Rangers Blue 3, Woodhouse Colts 1. KO Cup Quarter-final: Underwood Villa 5, Worksop Town Juniors 4 (AET).

U14 Benevolent Cup Semi-Final: Collingham Cavaliers 1, Ashfield FC 3. KO Cup Round Two: Southwell City Falcons 6, Farndon Colts 2. Division Two: Ordsall Rangers 3, Moorgreen Colts 4; Sutton on Trent 2, Newark Flowserve 7.

U13 KO Cup Round Two: Mansfield Athletic 0, Clipstone Colliery Colts 2. Division Two: Dukeries FC 2, Manor FC Black 4; New Tupton Ivanhoe 1, Robin Hood Colts 8.

U12 Benevolent Cup Semi-Finals: Chesterfield Town 2, Beaufort United 0; Drezden Colts FC 0, Debdale Manor Colts 2. Division Two: New Tupton Ivanhoe 8, Babworth Rovers 1.

U11 Benevolent Cup Semi-Final: South Normanton Colts 0, Chesterfield Town 7. Division One: Blidworth Welfare 6, DFS Welbeck Welfare Red 1. Division Three: Manor FC Red 1, Brimwood United 2.

U10 Division One: Manor FC 5, Kirkby Community 1; Robin Hood Colts Red 6, Nottingham Revolution Thunder 1. Division Two: Robin Hood Colts White 3, Mansfield Boys 1. Division Three: Woodhouse Colts 9, Mansfield Hosiery Mills 0.

U9 Benevolent Cup Semi-Finals: Robin Hood Colts 0, Nottingham Revolution Predator 2; Walesby JFC 1, Rainworth Welfare Tigers 2 (AET).


U9: Quarrydale United Rangers 2 (S. Leatherland 2), Ripley Rangers 1 (M. Boyle); Ollerton Town 1 (J. Tunnard), Quarrydale United 3 (C. Clarey 2, F. Stainforth-Wain); Mansfield Athletic 5 (L. Powell 3, O. Thompson, R. Smith), Alfreton Town Juniors 6 (H. Ford 4, J. Hodgkinson 2); Mansfield Warriors 1 (S. Bradford), ADASC Sharks 7 (B. Smith 2, W. Scothern 2, B. Brookes, G. Freeman, H. Wolden); MDC FC 4 (C. May 2, J. Millard, R. Squires), Rainworth Rangers 2 (B. Jones, J. Chapman); DFS Welbeck Welfare 1 (W. Roberts), Chesterfield Town FC 2 (J. Woolley, J. Hollamby); Manor FC Orange 4 (H. Davey 2, K. Burns, L. Wilford), Beaufort United 2 (A. Greasley, E. Varley); Manor FC Red 0, Ashfield Arrows 3 (C. Parkin, F. Davies-Olivero, J. Worthington); Clipstone Welfare Colts Madrid 0, Clipstone Welfare Colts Barca 4 (J. Norgate 2, J. Ducker, J. England)

Under 10: Manor FC 4 (C. Irving 2, D. Bull, G. Soar), Chesterfield Town FC 0; MDC FC 1 (D. Adams), Bull Farm FC Juniors 3 (J. Daniel 2, J. Searson); Ripley Rangers 6 (K. Askew 2, E. Wright, J. Nightingale, L. Smith, T. Codling), Blidworth Welfare FC 2 (H. Unwin 2); Skegby Colts 1 (R. Maloney), Blidworth Welfare Colts 0; Tibshelf Tigers 1 (B. Robinson), Beaufort United 5 (B. Draycott 3, J. Pearce, og);

Under 11 Premier League: Mansfield Giants 2 (T. Quick 2), Skegby Colts Black 0; MDC FC 1 (B. Paxton), Quarrydale United 5 (N. Clarke 2, B. Harvey, B. Prosser, G. Clarke). Challenge League: Kirby Community FC 6 (J. Sloan 3, C. Scott 2, J. Starbuck), Woodhouse Colts 2 (M. Hickling, T. Govan); Mansfield Blades 2 (B. Freeman, H. Brunt), Southwell City Lions 3 (E. Hill 2, M. Willoughby-Gaskell); Quarrydale United Rangers 3 (E. Richardson, K. Bird, L. Radford), Skegby Colts Red 4 (D. Lawrence 2, J. Baker, R. Brown)

Under 12: Rainworth Tigers 0, Kirkby Community FC 13 (M. Taboada 7, J. Kenyon 2, L. Jeffs 2, J. Morris, K. Seddon); Mansfield Atheltic Red 2 (A. Johncock 2), Manor FC Orange 3 (B. Blackwell, C. Parkin, S. Hedison); Pinxton Railway 1 (M. Freeman), Kirkby Warriors 0; DFS Welbeck Welfare 1 (W. Walker), FC Huthwaite 12 (T. Gledhill 5, T. Maddox 5, L. Soloman, B. Best); Skegby Colts 1 (J. Taylor) v  Mansfield Athletic Blue 11 (A. Gaughan 2, C. Griffiths 2, E. Johnson 2, H. Smallwood, J. Jamieson, J. Bull, K. Panting, T. Hind); Drezden Colts Blue 0, Drezden Colts 7 (R. Ingram 3, H. Tait 2, R. Stainforth 2).

Under 14: Beaufort United 2 (H. Aukland, J. Dye), DFS Welbeck Welfare 8 (A. Taylor 2, K. Somes 2, C. Shooter, G. Davis, L. Tucker, L. Knight); Woodhouse Colts Blue 5 (A. Fells 3, J. Gregory 2), Kirkby Community FC 4 (I. Jennings, M. Blasdale, M. Haywood, og); Manor FC 7 (C. Barnes 2, J. Wortley 2, O. Jackson 2, J. Elder), Woodhouse Colts Yellow 14s 2 (J. Woolley, J. Severn); Kirkby Colts 5 (D. Dawn, L. Wallace, M. Williams, T. Ray, W. Waterfield), Mansfield Boys 0.

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