Your Stars for December

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Chad astrologer John Thompson-Campbell reveals what the stars hold for you this month...

Aries: In December, you are going to have many, many things on your mind, which are going to keep you in busy mode; until you decide that family come first, as we enter Christmas and New year. One surprising feature though is the amount of energy that I can see you pouring into your relationship. There is a very amorous time coming in; however, the flip side of the coin is a highly argumentative day or two in front of you!

Taurus: In December, getting through the expense of the Santa season will be very much on your mind. After the third week, you will be choosing where you want to Sun yourself next year, and will be planning some quality leisure time. Getting in shape is about to become a strong priority in your diary; as I feel that in your workplace, you are about to get to know a new face who takes you by surprise and whom you will find very encouraging.

Gemini : You are in the mood for a break, and really do not want to be tied to any tedious responsibilities In the weeks ahead simply want to enjoy yourself, have a laugh and then recuperate; in anticipation of seeing what 2014 has to offer you. The main noticeable factor in your horoscope is that of romance; If you are attached, then it is togetherness that makes this year special; If single, then you are going to have your eye on a very bubbly character!

Cancer: A good month ahead for you Cancer, where you are about to experience an increasingly busier home life; and could be introducing someone new into your family life, and also to your closest friends in your social circle. Winding down at work is going to be very much on your mind over the next few weeks, and then focusing seriously on your love life which will be a priority that is going to be putting a smile on your face.

Leo: You are in the mood to celebrate Leo with a New Moon in Sagittarius at the start of December acting as your catalyst and a sign to let the party season begin with a bang! Christmas is about your leisure time, and a far as you are concerned; life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. There is going be a lot said between you and your better half; and to be honest, at times you simply might not like what you hear!

Virgo: Most of your activity will be prioritised around your family life, getting your house sorted out for Santa and the New Year; welcoming visitors around for a quick drink and a bite. You probably have a budget worked out; but I feel you will overspend, and even buy yourself something extra special that you have your eye on. In line with other signs; you are going to be looking seriously at holiday brochures and booking something you really fancy.

Libra: From the second week in December, you decide to get really physical; pushing yourself hard, physically, which does wonders for your confidence levels, your energy levels, putting you in a very good mood and setting a very positive tone. Your own home life, and your immediate family will be very much on your mind, as your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn for a month, you are going to be turning very insular with your thoughts; re-evaluating family plans.

Scorpio: After what I feel could be an expensive month coming in, you are going to be switching off a bit from the party scene, being content to either watch the box, or socialise a little locally. You do need to be careful with your health and do not over exert, as you are showing a need to rest. There is a chance I feel, that you are going to be showing flu like symptoms.

Sagittarius: This is your month Sagittarius, from the second week onwards, you will get very much into the festive frame of mind, enjoying life a little more than is normal, after which you will start to focus on what it has cost you; turning your attention on how you can do better financially in 2014 and getting some extra cash put away and building up your savings which will give you a very secure feeling.

Capricorn: Your year is about to wind down in preparation for what 2014 brings to your door. I feel that some of your skeletons are about to be brushed out of your closet, ready for a brand new phase in your personal life; with the introduction of one or two brand new interesting personalities. You are going to consider applying for an interview for a job, that you consider “exciting”, albeit, “above your station”!

Aquarius: An enjoyable month ahead Aquarius, where you are going to be sharing some wine and a little naughty banter with your closest friends. You will choose to settle for adopting a low profile, shutting the curtains and the world out, and will be more than happy, simply watching the box. Your ruling planet is about to turn back to direct motion at the years end; which is going to put a bounce into your stride, and you will begin delivering a few surprises that your friends definitely don’t expect!

Pisces: As we enter the festive season and near the years end, your top priority is finding yourself a better job in 2014, with better pay, and better perks; especially one that you feel that suits you better. You have a big night coming up with your friends where it will be a very busy atmosphere, and you will even get a little flirtatious. Enjoy.