MP comment off the mark

Alan Meale's reported comments re the announcement that former Mansfield District Council Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, Andre Camilleri will stand against him whilst representing the Mansfield Independent Forum (Chad 12th August) beggar belief.

'Does not pose a threat', 'irrelevant', 'the next election will be fought on national issues not local' – you wish that to be the case Mr Meale, but you can forget it.

How many times has Alan Meale said 'I stand on my record?'It's that record that the public of Mansfield will judge you on.

It's your expenses record that Mansfield will be judging you on Mr Meale, not the national issues that you would hope for.

In the same article, Nick Bennett makes his usual easily forgettable comments re the Conservatives etc. Come into the real world Nick, the people of Mansfield have not forgotten what the Conservatives have done to our town, all that is wrong with Mansfield started with Margaret Thatcher and was carried on by John Major and if you think David Cameron will be any different, then think again.

Martin Wright,

Abbott Lea, Mansfield.