LETTER: Preserve a legacy for the future

Land on Park Hall Road has been rejected for planning permisson

Land on Park Hall Road has been rejected for planning permisson

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I was present at the planning meeting on 2nd June (into the housing application on Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse) and witnessed the and address given by Robert Galij.

I believe rather than challenging the committee’s decision, he should be issuing an apology to the members of the committee and the people of Mansfield for his attitude.

Mansfield is surrounded by some beautiful countryside and has some great parks and woodland areas; which residents should treasure, respect and do there utmost to maintain and preserve as a legacy for future generations.

Mr Galij’s view that building and concreting over this most valuable asset is a sustainable development is totally misplaced.

Doing so will only serve to line the pockets of the Barratt’s share holders in the short term and destroy forever something that attracts people to live in our town.

His views also seem to be diametrically opposite to Barratt’s own Planet philosophy “Respecting today’s environment whilst creating tomorrow’s communities.”

Tomorrow’s communities would be so much worse off if Mr Galij had got his way.

Martin Bell

Mansfield Woodhouse

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