LETTER: Parking fine appeal was successful

Parking ticket machine
Parking ticket machine

On November 5 2015, I parked my car in the car park at St Peter’s Retail Park in Mansfield.
It was raining heavily when I used the machine to pay for two hours parking. I eventually returned to my car 65 minutes later.
On November 12, I received notice of a fine relating to my vehicle being parked for one hour and five minutes on November 5. At the time of receiving the notice, I read with interest in your letters’ page an article relating to a similar incident in the car park where the wrong vehicle number had been registered in the machine.

I then presumed I had put a wrong digit into the machine when paying because of the heavy rain making it difficult to see the correct numbers on the meter. 
I made an appeal to the Parking Eye website, suggesting that they check their records and photo evidence which would show that the number entered on the machine would tally with mine, but with a wrong digit showing. 
I paid the £50 fine within the 14 days to avoid the possibility of paying £85 if my appeal was refused.
I was duly notified that my appeal was successful and the £50 was returned to me. 
This goes to prove that Parking Eye consider appeals, and if the appeal is justified then the parking fine is refunded.

John Arnold