LETTER: I would pay more tax to help boost the NHS

High Peak groups are among the recipients of lottery funding.
High Peak groups are among the recipients of lottery funding.

I don’t know about other readers, but in my view King’s Mill Hospital still seems to be experiencing problems just as before despite the “takeover” by Nottingham hospitals. 
I hope the effort that went into this change of management quickly bears fruit and we long-suffering patients soon see the benefits in the wards and outpatient departments. 
It seems to me the major problem facing our hospital is the severe lack of funds. 
The decision to modernise the buildings using the now discredited PFI funding formula has meant vast sums of money have to be used to repay this debt.

I notice that most – if not all – political parties, both locally and nationally, say, as part of their attempt to win our votes, that they will reduce taxes if we the electorate give them our backing. 
I, for one, would not object to my tax bill increasing in moderation, if it meant we could have decent public services such as the health service. Provided, of course, the taxes raised are not wasted on hair-brained projects like the afore-mentioned PFI scheme. On the subject of King’s Mill, I understand there is a proposal to change the name of the NHS trust. I assume that the powers that be will insist the name of our county town must remain, so how about naming it Greater Nottingham NHS Trust as anything else would be quite long-winded in my opinion.

I can’t help but think that if King’s Mill was within Mansfield’s boundaries, as it should be,then we would not have had all these problems. I could be wrong of course.

Sam Ellis

Welbeck Street, Mansfield.