LETTER: Extraordinary service by ordinary people at King’s Mill Hospital

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Following a recent stay in King’s Mill Hospital, I would like to say this.

From the practice nurse who reassured me, to the ambulance crew who admitted me, to the nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and consultants, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists who looked after me. To the cleaning staff, the catering staff, the porters and receptionists who kept me and the system moving. To the CT and MRI scanners who clarified my diagnosis. I calculated at least 50 individuals were involved in my care during a recent sudden illness.

I can’t complain about a single one of them. At worst (if I can call it that) staff were polite, calm and efficient and did their job well.

At best, they were patient, extremely caring, friendly without being overbearing and understanding without being patronising.

Whilst I wouldn’t want to spend a deal of time in hospital, my room was spotless, the food was excellent, the service faultless. I’ve stayed in worse hotels.

I can’t understand the constant criticism of the NHS and our local hospital, King’s Mill. Perhaps I have been extremely lucky. But I don’t think this level of care can be ‘switched on’ and anyway, I’m an ordinary person who doesn’t attract attention so therefore wouldn’t receive ‘special’ treatment.

No, I think this is the extraordinary yet ‘ordinary’ service delivered by the people at the heart of our NHS. I think this is what these people do, all day, every day. I think we are incredibly lucky to have this on our doorsteps.

You wonder how good it could be if the politicians and bureaucrats butted out and left the workers to get on with it.

And, unlike private healthcare, not once was I asked for my credit card.


By email, name supplied