LETTER: Council have made a mess of Mansfield Market

Official re-launch of Mansfield Market
Official re-launch of Mansfield Market
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Regarding the residents’ opinion of our new market, I believe the council responsible has made a complete mess. 
It says there are celebrations in the town this month, but how long will the celebrating last? Will we be celebrating more success by the end of the year?
What bit of market we have still has empty stalls, even though the stalls on West Gate came. Also it only covers a fraction of the size it originally was when we had a prosperous market and town.
Once we could buy everything we needed, which included stalls for people who like embroidery or knitting and we also had a good tinned food stall near the town hall. What’s happened to such as these?
I will definitely go to Chesterfield, and many others have told me the same.

At least they have a modernised indoor market, which is more than we have.

In my view everyone knows ours was destroyed for the benefit of the council to have more car park spaces.
We residents who pay council tax ought to have been the ones who were allowed to have their say regarding matters like this.

However, we all know only the top councillors make these decisions.

Do they use the market several times a week like so many need to?

We definitely don’t need a mayor. The money she and other top officials receive each year could then be used for improvements in our market which would definitely be more than£100,000 like we have been told was used for the market’s new stalls.

Then we will have an excellent market like we once had when I was child, with every stall taken.

Kate Allsop

Beck Crescent,


(Editor’s footnote, this is not Mansfield Mayor Kate Allsop)