Why is our cash being wasted?

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It’s March and the end of the financial year. What do you think Mansfield District Council are using any spare cash on?

1 Provision for child care?

2 Support for the elderly?

3 Cash to help with food banks?

Not a chance!

Take a visit to Manor Sports Complex and you will see a major building project in a far flung corner of the playing fields - the construction of a brand new children’s play area.

This is the 4th such attempt to install this type of facility on the same campus.

No matter the merits or otherwise, the previous three were all under used and over vandalised and now lay derelict - there is no reason to suspect this one will be different. Why is our cash being wasted in this way?

If the excuse is that the money has come from another pot, it is still tax payers’ or council tax payers’ money!

Back to the play area, the location is the furthest point away from the main car park, the changing rooms and the base for the council workers. So the site is quite isolated with all the attendant problems that can attract.

Any kids or parents wishing to take advantage would have to walk quite a distance, unless they park on an adjacent busy link road. So even the plans have no merit.

These same council spendthrifts will no doubt daily moan about Tory cut backs yet embark on such extravagance when there are much more needy causes.


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