Wednesday 28th May: Rainworth community news

Community event.

Community event.

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Rainworth over 50’s club - Mr J. Hallam welcomed 104 members to the meeting on Tuesday week at the Rainworth Miners Welfare. Mr C. Dodsworth was the MC for dancing and the spot waltz winners were Mr and Mrs Fell. Serving refreshments to the members were Mrs E. Baxter, and Mrs M. Wood. Mr J. Hallam called the bingo. Tickets were sold by Mrs A. Plastow and Mrs L. Parkin. Competition winner was Mrs S. Corden. MC for Dominoes was Mr J. Saunders and the winners were Mrs J. Doren and Mrs M. Polkey. The weekly raffle was held with the prizes donated by the club (3), and Mesdames, R. Dodsworth, Haggarty, Biggs, J. Dodsworth, Parkin, Chamberlain, Straw, Newberry, Higgins, Brown, Tomlinson, Evans, Blanc, Spafford, Bradford, Brailsford, Maggio, Dennett, Green, Creasey, Baxter, Millward, and Sherratt. New members will be welcome.

Fourth Rainworth Rainbows - The Rainbows met at SS Simon and Jude’s on Friday week and looked at things that began with the letter A. They tasted an apricot, a red apple and a green apple and looked at items beginning with A. They also sang the song ‘alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic’. They also discussed what they would like to do at future meetings.

Third Rainworth Brownies - On Friday the Brownies made preparations for the family service and picnic. They chose songs and wrote prayers and made flowers for the tables.nThe Brownies are looking forward to welcoming any-one who has ever been a Brownie to the celebration of the Big Brownie Birthday on Sunday 8th Jun at Rainworth Methodist Church at 10-30 am


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