Warsop’s Neighbourhood Plan will ‘open the door for investment’

.Market Warsop town centre sign
.Market Warsop town centre sign

Hopes of opening Warsop’s old railway line is just one section of the village’s Neighbourhood Plan, which council chairman John Kerr hopes will ‘open the door for investment’.

As the first parish in the district to press ahead with such a plan, it will give people the chance to speak up about what they want for their village.

Under the banner, ‘Warsop: Open for Business’, a steering group has been formed to outline a vision for promoting sustainable development in housing, leisure, retail, transport and the preservation of Warsop’s heritage.

This includes the potential opening of a hotel, and modernising sports facilities.

However, residents will be asked to speak up with their own views.

“It’s a vehicle for the people of Warsop to have a say,” added Coun Shields.

“The Government is really pushing this at the moment, and it’s gathering momentum. We need the people of Warsop to support this, it’s their plan.

“Everybody thinks it’s designed to keep people out, but we want to attract people in to Warsop.

“Edwinstowe gets millions of visitors, we don’t get any.”

With £30,000 investment of Government cash, it could be another year before it is put into action.

But Coun Kerr believes it will be worth the wait.

He said: “At the moment we have to accept what developers bring our way, that will change.

“We want to build up the retails side of Warsop. This will open the door for investment.”