‘Vile’ messages spark anger at Clipstone meeting

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Pressure is mounting for a parish council to axe a member who denies posting ‘vile’ and ‘evil’ messages about his hospitalised neighbour.

More than 20 members of the public turned out at Clipstone Parish Council’s monthly meeting, all calling for Coun Kevin Halfpenny to be kicked off the council.

Messages were recently posted on his Facebook account about his neighbour, and former councillor, Pam Whitehead, who had been taken to hospital by ambulance and is understood to be in a poorly condition. Another woman, Pearl Smith and friend to Mrs Whitehead, was also the subject of abuse.

The Chad has received screen-grab copies of the messages, which are too inflammatory to print.

Mrs Smith printed the comments out and showed them to the councillors at the meeting, which was not attended by Coun Halfpenny.

She described the comments as “evil, vile and malicious.”

But Coun Halfpenny denies any knowledge of the comments, saying his account had been hacked.

He said: “I didn’t seem then until three weeks after, somebody knocked on my door and told me about it.

“I know they are bad, but I’ve got no idea who could have done it - I don’t even know the password to my account.

“I have got the police involved because I’ve been getting threats and I know nothing about it.

“I just need to find out who has done this.”

During the recent meeting, chairman of the council, Mark Dabbs, said: “We can’t comment until we have carried out an investigation.

“Rest assured this matter won’t be left or ignored. Procedure will be followed.”

Coun Robert Vilinskis added: “People are upset and as a council we are genuinely unsure what to do.

“There’s no reason to cover anything up or ignore people.”