VIDEO: Housing plans for disused Mansfield allotments

Mansfield District Council will apply to get rid of disused allotments in the town to build up to 110 new homes.

The council has submitted a planning application to build the homes off Sandy Lane to combat the growing need for housing in the town.

The four-hectare site has never been subject to development and has more than 50 plots on the land, although the majority have not been used for years.

As part of the application, the council will look to get rid of most, and improve those currently occupied.

But gaining planning permission is not straightforward, with council legal experts uncertain whether the land falls under statutory protection, meaning permission would be needed by the Secretary of State before pressing ahead with the plans.

Historical maps shows that until at least 1956, allotments existed on the land next to the site, but they were transformed into council housing.

And the council says preserving the whole of the site in question for allotments is ‘not sensible’.

In a planning report they said: “The use of the land for allotments is weak, there are a few plots close to the site entrance which appear to be in use, but the remainder are virtually non-existent and some have no remaining evidence at all.

“The Mansfield District Council Allotments Strategy 2014 awaits final approval but in essence seeks to rationalise existing allotments whereby the council endeavours to offer fewer, better quality allotments rather than many of poor quality.”

Occupied plots 1-9 would remain, 10-18 would be re-established having not been used for a decade, and 19-51 removed. The council then plans to improve the plots with more water points, improved boundaries and a new tarmacced wide road.

If given the go-ahead, it is estimated 20 per cent of the homes would be classed as affordable, with the rest sold on the open market.

It is unknown if the council will develop the site, or bring in a separate developer, with no details regarding the house sizes being released.