Video: fast vicar still going strong

Well-known Mansfield vicar the Rev Keith Hebden - who is now eight days into a 40-day fast - will be giving a talk on food poverty at Nottingham’s St Peter’s Church.

Keith, who serves at St Mark’s in Nottingham Road, began his water-only diet on Wednesday last week as part of the national End Hunger Fast campaign.

The national drive aims to highlight the issue of food poverty and the rise in food banks, and comes after forty-three Christian leaders, including 27 Anglican bishops, signed a letter urging Prime Minister David Cameron to ensure people get enough to eat.

Despite the hardship of foregoing a daily meal Keith’s timetable remains the same as ever.

He said: “I am amazed I can still move about - but am finding myself in the kitchen more, pottering about.

“I felt a little nauseous from the food detox on Sunday and Monday mornings and am a little tired in the evenings.

“But because I am fasting I am on an even keel - it is easier then when people are on and off food.

Keith said he had also been to a prayer vigil at Mansfield Woodhouse’s St Edmunds Church along with several of the congregation who were also fasting.

“It was quite an experience as they know more about it than most, having a food bank in the area,” he added.

A spokesman for the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham said the campaign was to highlight food poverty but encouraged people to fast in a less extreme way than Keith.

His speech this Thursday at 12.30 is part of a series of talks over the Lent period focusing on hunger, poverty and related issues.

Admission to the talk and others during March and April is free and light refreshments will be available.

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