Vet warns animal owners after dog suffers suspected snake bite at Welbeck Estate

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A VET is warning animal owners after a dog is suspected to have been bitten by a snake while on a walk.

The incident, which involved an adder, took place on the Welbeck Estate near Cuckney during the spell of warm weather.

Although a bite from an adder is not fatal straight away, the poison often causes dogs’ vital organs to fail as they become paralysed by the venom.

Vet Emma Faulkner, from Park Hall Vets, Mansfield Woodhouse, said: “If a dog suffers a bite the deterioration will be fast and you will soon have an extremely sick animal.”

Symptoms include swollen lower legs, not wanting to walk and the animal becoming ill very fast.

Adder bites are not uncommon in the UK, especially in the dry months. The snakes are not aggressive but will attack if they feel threatened or if they have been trodden on.

Bites are not fatal for humans as long as treatment is administered quickly.