Terminally ill teen’s dream to meet Jessie J becomes a reality

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A terminally ill teenager’s wish to meet her favourite popstar, Jessie J, has come true.

Corah Slaney was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just 13 years old, now three years later doctors have told her she has the rare disorder, mitochondrial - which is incurable.

The disorder means every cell of her body are not properly energised as well as having epileptic fits - which means that Corah has to go in and out of hospital every other day.

Her devastated parents and family are trying to make every moment special with their daughter and have started up a Chorus4Corah campaign to make her days enjoyable as possible.

Corah’s dream of meeting the pop star came true when the singer’s company heard of the campaign and were quick to make the meeting happen.

A car was sent for Corah and her family by Rathcet Clothing and they travelled to Hammersmith to meet Jessie.

Mum Lisa Slaney, of Victoria Road, said: “She was lovely with Corah and brought her out a water bottle to keep Corah warm. She signed Corah’s CD and gave her some photo’s and signed each one.

“Corah said it was it was great fun and unforgettable experience.

“It really was a totally fabulous day that we will hold close in our hearts. Not only for meeting Jessie but for the beautiful things Ratchet Clothing did.”

Mum Lisa Slaney recalls being told about Corah’s condition. She said: “It was absolutely devastating. It is every parent’s nightmare.

She said Corah is in and out of hospital every other day.

“Corah is such a positive and happy girl, we want to make memories to last forever, and this was definitely one of them.”