Tenants' anger over black mould

ANGRY Mansfield woman Sharon Haynes has blamed housing bosses for not doing enough to rid her home of black mould.

Tenant Sharon Haynes says mould began to appear on the kitchen walls of her Barnes Crescent home on the Bull Farm estate after Mansfield District Council installed a combi-boiler at the property two years ago.

Said Sharon, who lives with her 21-year-old son: "They brought two fans but now they've said they won't do anything else. It's an absolute mess. I don't know where else to turn — if there was a young child in the property, they would have done something."

But the council's landlord services manager Paul Barker says he does not believe anything more could be done to improve Ms Haynes' problem — and claims nearby houses do not suffer from mould like her property.

"This view is supported by two independent companies — Baggaley and Jenkins and Envirovent — who have both inspected the property at our request and arrived at the same conclusion," said Mr Barker.

"Nearby properties have had identical combi-boilers installed and have the same level of ventilation, but do not suffer from the same problems.

"We are in the process of arranging for one of our housing officers and heating specialists to visit Ms Haynes to establish if anything else could be causing the problems and to offer advice on the types of things that could contribute to the problem, such as opening windows and avoiding drying clothes on radiators."