Step in the right direction

I thank Coun Cottee for responding to my letter regarding Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and I am pleased to see that the expertise in the Ranger Team that manage Sherwood Forest will be retained. Whether they will be adequately resourced is not mentioned, but it is a welcome step in the right direction.

However, as Save Sherwood Forest campaigns for all woodland in the county, it is worth mentioning that there are other areas of woodland managed by the Ranger Service and I hope that the council’s policy extends to them also. Of course, these areas aren’t as famous as Sherwood, but they are equally important in terms of social amenity and the natural environment.

I welcome his assurances that the county council will protect the unique ecology and natural surroundings of Sherwood Forest, but note that he is silent regarding the important issue of the relationship between a commercial company and this public resource.

Does this mean that Sherwood Forest and the visitor attraction are completely separate, both being independent from the other with no financial links? He is also silent regarding the issue of the restaurant at the visitor centre and whether he will ensure that this will be accessible without paying to go into the visitor attraction

Of course, it may be that he feels that this is a commercial decision for Discovery Attractions and nothing to do with the County Council. If this is the case and the council is not prepared to guarantee this access, then I strongly urge that people in Edwinstowe have their say and hope that they will be listened to when planning permission is sought.

Bob Thacker.

Member of Save Sherwood Forest.

Rushpool Avenue,

Mansfield Woodhouse.