Stags label troublemaking Notts fans ‘a disgrace’ after hooligans damage One Call Stadium

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Bitter fans who went on the rampage at the One Call Stadium after their team were soundly beaten have been labelled ‘a disgrace’ by Mansfield Town.

A toilet block in the North stand was left badly damaged by Notts County fans during their side’s 5-0 defeat to Stags on Saturday.

A club statement reads: “Mansfield Town Football Club was concerned that a group of around 50 to 80 spectators in the North Stand seemed determined to cause unrest and disrupt public order from the moment they arrived inside One Call Stadium.

“The behaviour of the spectators was a disgrace and these hooligans, who attempt to disrupt the safety and enjoyment of others, are not welcome inside One Call Stadium or any other sporting stadia.

“The damage which was done to the male toilets in the North Stand was of a shocking scale and we will liaise with the authorities to discover the identity of the perpetrators.

“Keeping fans safe at One Call Stadium is our absolute priority and both the stewards and police are to be highly commended for the way in which they dealt with unruly spectators in the North Stand on Saturday, who were hell bent on causing as much disruption and public disorder as possible.”

The club also said many Notts fans refused to sit in the seats they had been allocated, causing major disruption in the North Stand where more than 1,700 away fans had bought tickets.

The club said: “Mansfield Town Football Club made a conscious effort to direct all Notts County supporters to the correct block and seat upon their arrival in the North Stand at One Call Stadium.

“Unfortunately, a group of approximately 50 spectators in the North Stand simply decided to sit where they wanted.

“Upon attempting to re-direct the said spectators into the correct seating, our stewards were met with volleys of abuse.

“After consultation with Nottinghamshire Police, the advice received was that it would create excessive disturbance to re-direct such a large section of spectators into their correct seats.