Showing red card to World Cup violence

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As England gear up for their crucial World Cup clash on Thursday night, community safety partnerships in the area are working to prevent a surge in domestic violence if they lose.

The move comes as a study published by Lancaster University showed incidents of domestic abuse rose by 38 per cent when the England team played and lost when compared with the days they did not play.

Members of Ashfield Community Safety Partnership and Mansfield Partnership Against Crime are playing active roles in a county-wide campaign being led by Nottinghamshire Police, helping to distribute information and linking in with a comprehensive social media programme.

Posters providing details of the Women’s Aid 24-hour helpline, as well as the Alliance Against Violence Facebook page, are being widely distributed and displayed.

Mansfield District Council has displayed them in public conveniences and delivered them to children’s centres, town centre venues and retail outlets.

Mansfield Museum and the Palace Theatre have also been given information about the campaign and services available to those affected by domestic abuse.

Ashfield District Council has also ensured the posters with the 24-hour helpline number are available at licensed premises, Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton, and at major supermarkets for display in their toilets.

The posters will be displayed on plasma screens in the Civic Centre in Mansfield, in Ashfield District Council’s main reception area and at Mansfield’s bus station.

The study by Lancaster University reported there was a carry-over effect following football fixtures, with an 11 per cent rise in cases of domestic abuse the day after a match.
During the last World Cup in 2010 the police recorded 353 incidents of domestic abuse on the day England were knocked out by Germany.

In addition to this, almost 6,000 calls were made to police - a 43 per cent increase on the average number over a 24-hour period for a typical Sunday in June.

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