Sherwood MP backs plan to charge foreign HGVs

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SHERWOOD MP Mark Spencer MP today spoke in the House of Commons to make clear his support for plans to put in place a road user charging scheme for foreign HGVs using British roads.

The proposals seek to address the issue that foreign-registered HGVs do not contribute to the maintenance of British roads whereas UK-registered vehicles do pay through general taxation and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and also pay road tolls when overseas.

Describing the proposals as “A great day for UK businesses and for small and medium sized enterprises” , Mark said “this is a Bill to be welcomed; this is a great step in levelling the playing field, assisting hard working HGV companies in the UK.”

The MP challenged the Minister over a number of the details in the proposal in order to ensure fair and consistent implementation of the levy.

He later said: “This proposal has been brought about by sustained and legitimate complaint from British tax payers and businesses all across the country frustrated by the sight of foreign lorries using our roads, fuelled by cheaper petrol from the Continent, not only failing to pay their way for road use like British drivers do but undercutting domestic haulage industries.”