Shannon’s queen of the TV proms!

Shannon Collingham, prom queen
Shannon Collingham, prom queen

An aspiring actress from Mansfield Woodhouse who has her sights set on a television career is set to appear in a Channel 5 documentary called Prom Queen Divas.

Shannon Collingham contacted makers Oblong Films and requested the production company filmed her fellow Manor Academy students as they prepared for their prom night.

Shannon (16), of Vallance Street, was followed by the camera crew as she visited tanning salons and nail bars before the prom night which featured a trip to Alton Towers and a masquerade ball at Colwick Hall in Nottingham.

She said: “I want to be an actress when I am older. I thought if I got some experience with a film crew it would help me in a future career.

“I got to know what happens behind the camera.

“It was stressful! At some points you have to go over the same thing again and again. I was pulling my hair out. I didn’t do it for the limelight. I did it to help me cope with it in the future.”

Mum Nicola (39) said of the filming process: “It’s been a bit of a pain. I’m in it - in my pyjamas - but that’s Woodhouse!

“It’s a funny show. It shows you how spoiled children are these days. Shannon can be a diva and that’s why they used her. She had three or four tantrums - but it is funny. She apologised afterwards though. It’s a very good show.”

Both mum and daughter are pleased with the results of the show and have appeared on ITV’s This Morning programme on Monday to promote it.

Staff and students were also interviewed as part of the documentary that will air on Channel 5 on Thursday 21st September at 8pm.

Shannon is set to study drama at West Nottinghamshire College in September and would like to study acting at Rada or London Central. She hopes to land a career in a sitcom, and her acting idols are Emma Watson, of the Harry Potter films, and Carry On star Barbara Windsor.

Oblong Films has previously made documentaries including The Truth About Hospital Food and The Naked Rambler.

A spokesperson for Oblong Films said: “The school prom has until recently been a distant phenomenon seen only in Hollywood movies, a brief glimpse of one of the most angst filled and yet glorious nights of a teenager’s life.

“These days, however, this American import is a firm fixture in the teenage calendar up and down the UK. This documentary follows two sets of teenagers from different schools in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire as they prepare for what has become the most glamorous night of a teenager’s life.”