Services could disappear forever

NMAC12-1965-2''Huthwaite Leisure Centre
NMAC12-1965-2''Huthwaite Leisure Centre

Despite years of budgetary cuts, seemingly the Coalition Government’s onslaught of local authorities and their workforce looks set to continue unabated, with no end in sight.

A policy of continual financial reductions will inevitably lead to a tipping point of no return, with some important services disappearing into history.

Locally, threats to the continued provision of more and more Council provided facilities and amenities appears to grow by the day.

Huthwaite is by definition an expanding area with many new homes already built and others in the pipeline.

Significantly increasing the population and its future requirements for a comprehensive range of available amenity provision to meet this demand.

Within this growing village, both the Library and the Leisure Centre form an essential, integral part of the bedrock of the community.

Under the circumstances, their closure would be a serious mistake. It would regrettably decrease opportunities and no doubt increase apathy and despondency amongst both young and old older residents and service users alike.

Dave Shooter