Report a pothole to Nottinghamshire County Council

SEEN a pothole? Then don’t just grumble about it – get in touch and let us know. That’s the message from Nottinghamshire County Council which is busy repairing roads across the county which have been left damaged by the winter months.

And although the majority of potholes are found through regular highways inspections, inevitably there are some which slip through the net – so the Council is asking residents to help by getting in touch if they see a pothole which needs filling.

“We are working extremely hard at the moment to repair the damage to our roads caused by the winter, filling thousands of potholes every month,” says Coun Richard Jackson, the County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport

“However, I would encourage members of the public to report potholes, rather than simply assume that someone else has done it, as only about one fifth of them are reported to us, the rest being identified by us during our road inspections.

“With the best will in the world we can’t possibly know about all of them, so we do rely on people to let us know.”

Once a pothole has been reported the Council aims to respond as quickly as possible in order to reduce the chance of the damage spreading. This is especially true where the pothole is 2ins deep or more and has penetrated the top layer of Tarmac.

“We regard these as a high priority and aim to respond to and repair them within 24 hours,” said Coun Jackson.

“However, we know that those of less than 2ins have the potential to get worse, so we are repairing those too as part of an ongoing programme of maintenance.”

People can report a pothole to the County Council by completing the online reporting form at or by calling 08449 808080.