Praising teenagers at skate park

Having purchased scooters for my grandchildren, aged six and seven, the day before, they were keen to try them out on the Fisher Lane Skate Plaza. When we went on Wednesday morning the children’s ages using it ranged from about five to 16. No problems for the younger ones then.

They persuaded me to take them back in the afternoon when I was initially taken aback by the fact that all users appeared to be teenagers.

However, I had no need to worry. The older ones were diligent in avoiding the youngsters and indeed were exceptional in their control and abilities. They never once used their age or prowess to the detriment of the littler ones.

Nor was there any bad language evident from the teenagers. Young people of this age often get bad publicity because of behaviour / language problems.

I am very happy to point out that a lot of them in our area are fine young people.

Bob Blagg,

Dorchester Drive,


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