Photo slideshow: Olympic Games opening ceremony by Chad reader Gerry Molumby

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SELSTON’S Gerry Molumby took these photos at a technical rehearsal for Friday night’s spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

He writes: “Most of us can remember where we were on 6th July 2005 when we heard Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, say the words “the 2012 Olympics goes to the city of Lon...don”.

“The finale of the waiting became the gala of the Opening Ceremony, which has just been experienced by the world through television.

“Credit is due to all the performers, backstage crew, musicians etc but the ultimate accolade has to go to the man who put the show together. First generation Irish, Danny Boyle got the gig and in the words of the Olympic planners – ‘he delivere’.

“Danny and I share the same birthday, he is one year older than me and I was particularly keen to experience the theatrical aspects of the opening ceremony; Danny did not disappoint with his ‘Isles of Wonder’.

“The opening pastoral scene led on to chronicle some of the major industrial, cultural and health care highlights of this green and pleasant land. Danny’s mother hails from Co. Galway and was of the same generation of women who came from Ireland and the West Indies to help build up the NHS and these stories and others were told.

“The use of drums in the ‘industrial age’ scene was reminiscent of Riverdance; but this was ultimately a great British Show.”