Eye Spy - 28th November

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Rat shock on allotments

I couldn’t believe my eyes! While walking my dogs around the Clipstone allotments, I was horrified to see six rats hung up on a fence. Is this to prove they have been caught? Thank goodness I didn’t have my grandchildren with me. I pick the my dogs’ poo up, but I don’t hang it on the fence to prove I have picked it up - submitted by Pat Dickens.

A worm’s eye view!

Months ago I bent down to pick up a huge earthworm on Toothill Lane that had fallen from brickwork high, in order to give it a second chance. I was greeted from behind by a man who said: “I thought I was the only one that did that!” Of course, it was satisfying to meet a similar humane soul - submitted by Chad reader.

Bond-ing with the customers!

On Wednesday 14th I went to see Skyfall at the Odeon in Mansfield. (14.15 showing). At the end of the performance, one of two young men (may have been off duty staff) stayed behind to help an elderly man down the steps who was taking very faltering steps, aided by his stick and equally elderly wife. This was an impressive act of compassion and public spiritedness by our younger generation and deserves to be applauded - submitted by Chad reader.

Dialling up a surprise

On Friday 16th I rang BT Openreach to report a broken green street cabinet (that had remained with an open door for most of the week) on Eakring Road, next to the Ling Forest pub. I spoke to a woman in India, who informed me that an engineer would respond within 24 hours. Imagine my surprise when within an hour I received a telephone call from a local engineer to confirm the location and true to form it had been fixed when I passed by in the next few hours! - submitted by Chad reader.

Lost child’s shoe

Why is it that every so often you’ll spot a shoe in the central reservation of a busy road?

Well last week there was a youngster’s shoe in the middle of the A38 near Kirkby. If it’s your child’s shoe, I’d contact the Highways Agency’s lost property department.

Panic at the pumps

Driving out to Warsop earlier this week I was momentarily panicked by an apparent fire at a petrol station.

But as I got closer, I realised it was the shell of a petrol station (no pun intended) on the A60 which is now a valeting firm, who happened to be having a bonfire near the main building and canopy.

I wasn’t the only one, a lot of drivers were slowing down to investigate.

Any need for weed?

A little bit of advice for the man on Newgate Lane smoking an extra large cannabis joint- he might have a better chance of disguising it if was cigarette size. Okay, it still won’t disguise the potent smell, but visually you won’t stand out as much.