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Community News

Friends of Salvation Army

Gladys Newall led Monday week’s meeting at the Ashwood Centre. Freda Mills served refreshments. Final arrangements were made for next week’s lunch at the Duke of Wellington. A trip into Derbyshire was also planned.

Hill Methodist Church

Barrie and Helene Smith hosted Monday week’s Bible study group. The Genesis youth club met in the evening. The Mother and Toddler group met on Wednesday week. Margaret Hensby led the Wednesday Fellowship. The speaker was Joy Franks. Betty Grice played the organ. The DIY group worked on the church in the evening. The Dance class met on Thursday week. A prayer meeting was held on Saturday week. Sunday’s All Age worship was taken by Mrs Sue Stamenkovic and the Worship group. Readers were Jean Low and Joy Franks. Rev Alan Boyd of Sutton in Ashfield celebrated Holy Communion in the evening. The organist was Stuart Bradshaw. Readings were given by John and Betty Grice.


Joyce Shepherd and Glenys Williams served lunches on Monday week. Bingo was played in the afternoon. Carpet bowls was played on Tuesday week. Thursday and Friday week’s dance sessions were by Walter Jones and Joan Peel. Saturday week’s coffee morning was well attended. Thanks go to Joyce Harvey and Brenda Kirk for the tombola, Joyce Sharpe for the cake and card stall and Christine Hodgkinson for organising the raffle. The bric-a-brac auction was by Joan Peel and Walter Jones. Len Fox entertained on the organ throughout.


President-elect Roger Pursey brought greetings from the Alfreton Club and introduced Rotn Gordon MGlone from the club at Wirksworth. Rotn Neil Lancashire gave details of the ‘What’s it Worth?’ antiques valuation day to be held at St Wilfrid’s Church on Saturday 15th March. The lead expert will be Charles Hanson, a well known TV antiques valuer. President-elect Paul Riley confirmed that two Girl Guides will be the sponsored by the club to attend a Young Leaders’ weekend in April. Guest speaker Rotn Gordon McGlone, a member of the rotary International Committee, outlined the work being done in droug-t stricken areas presenting a feature on ‘sand dams’ and other low cost water conservation measures. Rotary works in conjunction with the charity Excellent Development, funding comes from 22 British Rotary clubs matched by funds from Rotary International.

7Cs Christian F’ship

Sunday week’s morning worship was led by David Thorpe, Mark Roxburgh and David Holloway. The Faith Builder session was by Mark Roxburgh. David Logsdale gave the address and also served communion with Mark Roxburgh. Midweek Fellowship was led by Keith Dolding from the parent church at Reading.

50 Plus

President Amy Butler welcomed members to Monday week’s bring and buy at the Brownsea Centre. Anne Tarven, June Warren with David and Val Woolnough served teas. David Woolnough and Rick Colley auctioned the goods, which made £56 for Scout funds.

Trinity Methodist

Coffee bar was open from Monday to Friday week inclusive. The Forget me Not dementia group met on Monday week. The Brownies and the Keep Fit group met in the evening. On Tuesday week, Kirkby Churches Together held early prayers before Rev Mick Dilley chaired a church stewards meeting. The Tuesday Fellowship was led by the Rev Barry Shipley. Sure Start Messy Play also met. Computer classes have now resumed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. The Crochet class also meets on Tuesday week. The Flower Arrangers met on Wednesday week. The Rev Dilley chaired a church meeting in the evening. On Thursday week, the Mother and Toddler and the Knitting group both met. The Luncheon club and Open Hands friendship group then met. The Friendship group had a film and quiz. In the evening, Susan Bowler organised an ‘Outburst’ session for the Thursday Ladies group. Trinity Singers rehearsed on Friday week. The church hosted early prayers before Healing in the Street on Saturday week. The Rev Barry Shipley took Sunday week’s Holy Communion, assisted by wife Nancy. Church steward was Margaret Hensby, who also led Family Time and gave a reading with Beryl Richardson. The offering was collected by Stuart Spyby and Gladys Bennett. Carole Taylor was communion steward. The organist was Fay Shackleton. Sarah Copeland-Davies manned the media desk. Jenny Wilcock and Teresa Rawding served coffee in aid of the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance funds. Teresa also donated church flowers.

1st Guides

The Guides completed their ‘Lifewise’ and ‘Space’ ‘go for its’ on Monday week. Prospective leaders for the new senior section were in the kitchen baking fancies. Leader Claire Sharman, assisted by Ann Sharman and Elaine Britnell, had a planning session to map the future late winter, early spring programme.

Spiritualist Church

On Saturday week, the education committee held a workshop on Aspects of Mediumship. Tina Thompson led the session. On Sunday week, the church welcomed a new speaker, Nigel Spalding, who gave the address at the divine service led by Lynda Sills. Caroline Allsop gave Monday week’s demonstration of clairvoyance. Janet Julian chaired the session, then delivered healing with Gary Price. Tuesday week’s awareness class was taken by committee members.

Forest Street Baptist

The Art and Keep Fit classes met on Tuesday week. On Thursday week, the Rev Ros Wilkes chaired a meeting of the church committee. John Whitehead, of Sutton, took Sunday week’s morning service. The reader was Jane Brierley. Mr and Mrs Mervyn Cole-Bowen served morning coffee. A Messy Church session took place in the afternoon followed by a light tea. The Rev Ros Wilkes presided. Music for the day was by Margaret and Doreen Homer. Hazel Forrest led last Monday’s Ladies Fellowship where favourite music and readings were shared. Doris Hickton played the piano. Kath Croson served refreshments.

Our Lady RC Church

Fr Higgins took mass on Sunday week. Laura Passas read the lesson. Communion was served by Gloria Palmer, Andrew O’Mara-Winson, David Shipley, Herve Poveda and Jerry Herrington. Rex Clarke and John Fejfer took the collection. Maranatha played the music. Members of the offertory procession were Caitlin Tulley, Liz Johnson, Lewis and Travis Redhead, Simon and Eamon Wyatt, Jim Turton and Kirstie Burns. Cath Moulton and Jerry Herrington served coffee for parish funds.

3rd Brownies

Led by Wendy Osborne, assisted, by Abbi Grundy continued with their ‘Brownie Birthday Anniversary Challenge’ learning how to transmit the Brownie promise in both semaphore and sign language. They also sang, had games and finished with Brownie Bells.

St Thomas’ Church

The Rev Neil Popham took communion on Wednesday week. The fellowship group began the study of ‘A Pilgrims Course’ followed by a shared lunch. The carers and toddlers drop in session was held in the afternoon. The vicar then manned the parish office. Debbie Douce organised a ladies ‘pamper evening’ on Friday week. The vicar led Sunday week’s Holy Communion assisted by Reader Chris Manning who gave the address. Isobel Somerfield and Sandy Edwards Walsh presented the elements. Alan Dykes administered the chalice. Rick Colley read the lessons and prayers. Children’s church was by Sarah Clarke and Pauline Howlett. Stuart Bradshaw played the piano. Katherine Blasdale and Joan Murray were church stewards. They also served refreshments. The Rev Neil Popham led the evening Breathing space With God event.