Commons Corner - 7th March

It’s been quite a week. My boyfriend, James and I were having a cosy dinner at the Red Lion in Bagthorpe. There was nothing particularly unusual about the evening – I was a bit tired but happy to be en enjoy a nice meal in a cosy environment but it ended up being a rather unusual evening.

As I suggested calling a taxi home, my boyfriend James produced a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. For once in my life I was speechless. I guess it was clear I was going to accept as I put the ring straight on my finger. I turned to the diners next to me - Julie and Pete Musgrove and jenny and Tony Evanson and asked them to join us in a drop of bubbly to celebrate. Thanks to them for plucking up the courage to tell me that I was wearing the ring on the wrong hand! A special thanks to manageress jess - thanks so much for making everything go so smoothly.

Romance may be in the air but its business as usual. Almost 100 of you wrote to me last week asking me to vote in favour of publishing the NHS risk register. I very happily did so. For those of you who don’t know about this issue - the Information Commissioner ruled that the Department of Health should release its risk register because ‘there is a very strong public interest’ in doing so the Government’s refusal to release it begs the question; just what on earth are they trying to hide?

And finally….We are always hearing that young people today just want to get on reality shows or become celebs but that’s not the reality I saw the other week at Sutton centre. There were around twenty sixth former and four of whom said they would consider a career in politics. This proves to me that not only is the future of Ashfield in safe hands, I’m convinced that our democracy has a great future too.