ONLINE POLL: Do you think the county council did a good job gritting roads during the past week’s wintry weather?

Gritting lorry
Gritting lorry

SNOW ploughs are taking to the roads this weekend as thea Mansfield and Ashfield ar gets its major snowfall of the winter.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s gritting lorries have been fitted with the ploughs as a precaution as they take to roads throughout the county. It is the first time this winter that the ploughs have been fitted.

As several centimetres of snow fell on Saturday evening, the council said it was taking no chances.

“We learned a lot from last winter’s prolonged bad weather,” said Coun Richard Jackson, County Council Cabinet member for transport and highways.

“The County Council is better prepared than ever for this winter and remains committed to playing its part by salting and gritting the main roads across the county.

“During severe winter conditions and heavy snow our priorities are to get the main roads and key public transport corridors passable as quickly as we can so that emergency services and as many people as possible are able to undertake essential journeys.”

The County Council’s salt stocks currently stand at 18,366 tonnes and it has the capacity to store 22,000 tonnes - 12,000 tonnes more than the absolute minimum recommended by the government and enough for all but the most severe winters.

In addition, the County Council has signed up 63 local farmers who will pitch in when the going gets tough, as well as 85 snow wardens in local villages. It has also trained members of staff to drive 4x4 vehicles so that they can help deliver essential services in severe weather.

“We are absolutely determined to keep our county on the move this winter,” added Coun Jackson.

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