OAP crusader calls on Shirebrook to have its say on leisure centre future

Shirebrook resident Nora Simons is petitioning for a swimming baths in the town, Nora is pictured with her petition
Shirebrook resident Nora Simons is petitioning for a swimming baths in the town, Nora is pictured with her petition
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A campaigning pensioner is stepping up her crusade for a swimming pool in Shirebrook, by calling on residents to respond to a public consultation.

Bolsover District Council recently delivered more than 35,000 questionnaires to homes in the region, ask people their thoughts on proposals to close the pool at nearby Creswell, and plough funds in to Clowne Sports Centre.

But 81-year-old Nora Simons is urging people to fight to have the money diverted to Shirebrook to help build a swimming pool.

Mr Simons, of Lynden Street, Shirebrook, said: “I would ask people to return these surveys, it’s very important to Shirebrook, we have nothing at all here, the children have no play areas.

“Without Creswell, the closest is Mansfield and that’s too far.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of stopping Creswell from closing, but the money could be used for Shirebrook, instead of taking it to Clowne.

“I have told everybody I’ve met to return the forms.

“It’s been 60 years since people first asked for swimming baths in Shirebrook.”

Last month the Chad reported how determined Nora had gathered in more than 1,000 signatures for a petition for Shirebrook to open its own pool.

She feels there would be enough space to build a pool at the town’s current leisure centre, Kissingate, on Park Road.

But Bolsover District Council are arguing that the cash would be better spent on Clowne’s facility, saying it is a ‘relatively new one, has land to expand its range of activities and has the infrastructure required already in place’.

But they say no decision has been finalised, and also called for people to express their views.

Cabinet member for social inclusion, Coun Ann Syrett said: “It’s no secret we have got to save money and every service and facility we operate is being looked at.

“We simply just can’t sit and do nothing. So the proposal we are putting forward will contribute to the savings we need to make as well as improve our leisure facilities and make them much more sustainable.

“We understand this proposal affects a lot of people and that’s why we are sending out this questionnaire so they can tell us what they think.”

Residents have until 8th November to have their say and the forms should be sent to the council office at The Arc, High Street, Clowne, S43 4JY.