Nurses in training at nursery!

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Tiny tots learnt about the important job that nurses do - and had a go at some of their daily tasks themselves - when a team visited their nursery to mark this year’s national Nurses Day.

Three to five-year-olds at Brooklyn Day Nursery, on Derby Road in Annesley, came dressed in medical-themed fancy dress outfits and were keen to learn all about caring for patients when the nurses from Ashfield Health Village paid them a visit.

One corner of the nursery became a temporary nurses’ clinic and the children practised how to tie bandages, use a stethoscope and check the vital signs.

The team of five nurses spoke about what being a nurse involves and taught the youngsters about good hand hygiene and healthy eating.

They also looked at x-ray pictures and played the game ‘Operation’ to widen their knowledge about the body and injuries.

Emma Sheldon, deputy manager at the nursery, said the children had really enjoyed the day and it might even inspire some of them to become nurses when they grow up.

“It was a really, really lovely day,” she said.

“It’s the first time the nurses had done anything like this but the children reacted really well and it was such a success that we want to build on it for next year.”




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