NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Size does matter at McDuff’s

SIZE does matter, no matter what small people say.

As a fully paid-up member of the Quantity Over Quality Society, I’m the sort of person who looks at a menu not in terms of what is on there, but how much I’ll get and balance that against the cost. And if I don’t feel sick at the end, I feel ripped off.

No chance of feeling ripped off at McDuff’s on Nottingham Road.

As sandwich shops go, it’s a strange place.

First off, it’s the only sandwich bar I’ve ever been in that also sells brac-a-brac.

Having to step over a badminton racket to get to the counter, all was forgiven when I was handed the ‘large’ tikka sarnie I’d ordered.

It was plate size. For £2.30 it’s bargain (although basic salad for an additional 60p seemed steep).

Taking me almost half an hour to scoff, at that size the filling didn’t really matter, although for the record it was fine...and I feel pretty sick as it goes.