NICK FRAME’S LIGHT BITES: Scoffers gets the balance just right

Finding the balance of taste and budget, Scoffers seems to have got it just about right.

The Station Street shop in Kirkby is not the most inviting from the outside- and its token continental-style seating on the pavement may not be convincing in the summer, let alone a freezing grey November day, but it’s minor details for what is a great little sandwich shop.

For the first time in my hunt for lunch grub, I found a sarnie shop that goes beyond basic fillings- with the likes of coronation chicken up there on the board (many so far have not dared venture past ham salad and cheese and tomato).

But the biggest winner is the price, £1.90 for a filled baguette which includes extra salad, which comes at no extra cost. And that was amongst the most expensive on the menu.

Like many reviewed before, the salad options are still basic and could do with a some extra options, sa few jalapenos or olives perhaps. But when it comes at no extra cost, I can’t really grumble.

Who said good food had to cost a packet? Certainly not Scoffers.