New Ollerton man’s song recalls true Christmas spirit

New Ollerton singer/songwriter Gary J Armstrong
New Ollerton singer/songwriter Gary J Armstrong

A NEW Ollerton musician has made a bid to spread the true spirit of Christmas by releasing a song about the real meaning of the festive season.

Gary J. Armstrong wrote, performed, recorded and produced the song ‘Dance Down The Local (Christmas Song)’ himself, after he felt ‘disillusioned’ with what Christmas was becoming like.

Gary J Amrstrong's Christmas song Dance Down The Local

Gary J Amrstrong's Christmas song Dance Down The Local

He said: “For me as a kid growing up, Christmas was a very family-orientated time. We would get together and have lunch together. It was very festive and I try and emulate that for my children now.”

Gary (34), who has two sons and a baby on the way, said that he was so fed up with the commercialisation of Christmas and with the ‘tosh’ vying to be Christmas number one year in, year out, he was inspired to write an antidote to it.

And he has now done so on a budget of almost zero.

“It’s an indie/folk song with real-life lyrics we can all relate to. It speaks of times when we were all growing up and it’s a true festive song about the idea of all coming together at Christmas,” he said.

Dance Down The Local was released last week and has already peaked as high as number six on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.

Gary hopes that more people will download it, pushing it up to number one on that chart - and be inspired to write songs themselves.

“I would like to get to number one and prove to the likes of Simon Cowell that you don’t need a million pound record deal,” Gary added.

Chad readers can help fire Gary J. Armstrong up the charts by downloading Dance Down The Local from iTunes at The song costs just 79 pence and Gary says just a few hundred more sales could propel it into the top spot, overtaking some very well-known singer/songwriters.

The song can also be heard on YouTube at . It has had nearly 20,000 views.