More help for Derbyshire domestic abuse victims

Domestic abuse victims in parts of Derbyshire will receive all the support they need to gain safe and independent lives thanks to a new contract awarded to a partnership between a charity supporting vulnerable people across the region and North Derbyshire Women’s Aid (NDWA).

Trident Reach the People Charity and NDWA will be providing support services for those suffering from domestic abuse across North East Derbyshire, Bolsover, Chesterfield, South Derbyshire and Erewash.

Anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse is encouraged to call the 24-hour access line for their area, where they can be referred for a range of support offered by both organisations.

NDWA and Trident Reach, which runs a variety of services for disadvantaged people across the region, will be providing refuge accommodation, dispersed accommodation within the community and floating support for up to 125 people over the age of 16.

The two-year contract to provide domestic abuse housing-related support services has been awarded by Derbyshire County Council’s Accommodation and Support Team, with Trident Reach being the lead partner.

Trident Reach, which opened a shop in Swadlincote in 2011 to raise additional funds for its Domestic Abuse service, will be covering South Derbyshire and Erewash. It has the capacity to support 56 people in those areas.

Helen Litherland, Head of Service at Trident Reach, said: “We will be providing refuge accommodation, dispersed accommodation and floating support. As part of the support package we will meet customers with the aim of supporting and promoting independence and confidence. We want to help our customers achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations while maintaining their own individuality, gaining independence and being safe and free from abuse.”

It also plans to expand on the activities it runs from the shop in Swadlincote High Street – including self-esteem and confidence workshops as well as arts and craft courses.

NDWA will be providing the service for up to 69 people in North East Derbyshire, Bolsover, and Chesterfield. It has two women’s refuges and another for male victims of domestic abuse.

Fay Atkinson, Strategic Head of Service at NDWA, said anyone suffering from domestic abuse in North East Derbyshire, Bolsover and Chesterfield should contact the Derbyshire Domestic Abuse Freephone 24 hour helpline on 0800 0198 668 as their first port of call for help. A local number, 01246 540444, is also available 10am until 4pm. Monday to Friday.

People experiencing domestic abuse in South Derbyshire and Erewash can ring Trident Reach’s new 24-hour access line – 0800 0884 194 – for referral to its services.

For more information about Trident Reach’s work and how to get involved, contact 0121 226 5800. For more on the work of NDWA, visit the charity’s website at: