Mansfield Woodhouse youngster is using comedy to raise cash for charity

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A comedy-loving kid has come up with a rib-tickling recipe to raise cash for a good cause - by writing his own joke book.

Ben Yates from Mansfield Woodhouse is just seven-years-old, but has put pen to paper to produce a fully-illustrated book with the aim of pulling in the pounds for Age UK.

His mother, Catherine, explained: “He really loves playing around with words and coming up with jokes from them, so to get him into doing more writing his teacher suggested he could write a joke book over the holidays.

“It took him quite a while to come up with the jokes himself and illustrate them, but they are his own.

“I asked him if he wanted to raise the money for young people or old people and he said ‘old’ so that’s why the money is going towards Age UK.”

The Peafield Lane pupil has already sold 50 copies to friends and family but there are hopes more money can be raised, selling them at £1 each.

Catherine added: “He does love jokes, he sits listening to them on the telly and then he’ll say ‘I get it!’. I’m a teacher and I know that children don’t always get jokes.

“I’m immensely proud of Ben, especially that he chose to help raise money for charity.

“He could have kept it himself but he was happy to give it to Age UK.”