Video: Residents plagued by mud and noise

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HOUSEHOLDERS in Huthwaite say their lives are being made a misery by work being carried out on a new golf course next to Brierley Forest Park.

People on Main Street say they are being plagued by the sound of thundering lorries to and from the site.

They also say that large quantities of mud are being left on the road - and although a sweeper picks some of it up, the vehicles are also noisy.

Resident Ian Lee, who works as a security guard, said: “I work nights and there’s some other people who work late and they are not getting their proper sleep.

“The road is a mess. I would have thought they would have built a concrete plinth to jet wash the wagons before they go onto the highways.”

Joe Mason, who also lives on Main Street, said: “I’m not sleeping because I work nights and the road sweepers keep waking me up.

“The mud is smattering houses and cars. It’s a big problem. Some of the people are having mud go into their houses.”

A spokesman from Ashfield District Council said that a meeting took place between the residents and the contractor Maxplant on 14th January,

She added: “At this meeting, attended by five local residents, it emerged that Maxplant are currently investigating the costs and feasibility of installing a wheel wash provision to help prevent excess mud being carried by the lorries.

“It was also agreed that in the meantime a quieter road sweeper would be used, and the lorries would not queue in the access road, with speed limits implemented to safeguard the safety of residents and children. At this stage these limits would be in the control of the contractor.

“The residents would also look at contacting Nottinghamshire County Council to see if speed limits could be implemented during arrival and collection times at the nearby school.”




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