EMAS introduce 999 changes to Kirkby street after paramedics fail to find address because of misleading Sat Nav

Vehicles unable to turn off Lindleys Lane resulted in an ambulance on an emergency call being unable to find an address

Vehicles unable to turn off Lindleys Lane resulted in an ambulance on an emergency call being unable to find an address


EMAS has changed the way it answers 999 calls to a Kirkby street to end life-threatening delays, Chad can exclusively reveal.

New warning notes have now been added to the computer system used by paramedics attending Pennyroyal Way after EMAS were unable to find the street because their Sat Nav sent them the wrong way.

The major mishap meant paramedics took 25 minutes to answer Leanne Chiverton’s distress call instead of eight minutes and left Leanne having to dish out directions over the phone.

It is understood this was the third time EMAS has been delayed answering a 999 call from Great Portland Park, where Pennyroyal Way is located, after their Sat Nav system sent them up Lindleys Lane.

Lindleys Lane runs directly through Great Portland Park, but has no access on to estate, meaning ambulances have had to perform time-wasting u-turns.

Concerned Leanne, who had made the emergency call after her two year-old son Jase became ill on 7th July, said: “The incident was not too serious in the end, but it could have been and a delay like that could be the difference between life and death. If someone is having a heart attack or something like that, every second is crucial. My mum lives by Ashfield School and she actually got to my house before the paramedics. I just could not believe what was happening, I still can’t. When you are in that situation the last thing you need to deal with is having to direct the ambulance because they don’t know where you are.

“I am glad that EMAS has listened and have taken action to stop this happening in the future. It makes me feel better about the future if we need them again. The paramedics were very apologetic when they arrived. I do not blame them for what happened.”

It is the latest in a string of embarrassing errors for the under-fire emergency service, with ambulances also failing to promptly find addresses in Mansfield and Newark in the past week.

A spokesman for EMAS told Chad they had moved quickly to implement changes to prevent an incident like this happening again.

He said: “As and when we hear about such Sat Nav issues we place warnings against those addresses/streets onto our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

“These warnings then appear against any call taken for that address and are relayed to our frontline crews when they respond to any incidents in the given locations.

“EMAS can confirm that a warning has been placed against Pennyroyal Way in Kirkby, advising that access is off Kingsway and not to follow SatNav guidance from Lindleys Lane as a result of this incident.”

Nottinghamshire Police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service both told Chad that the local knowledge of their staff had helped them avoid any potential problems to date.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “When we are called about an incident, the officers who are the closest to it are sent, this means they are more often than not local officers who are familiar with the area and thus can rely on their local knowledge.”

A spokesman for the fire service said: “Our crews are aware that the estate has restricted access but through their local knowledge they are able to easily navigate to the right access roads, so that response times are not affected.”




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