LETTER: Does Mansfield still need an elected mayor?

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It only seems like yesterday when Tony Egginton was voted in as Mansfield’s first directly elected mayor and now he is starting his last year of office.

I know we residents had high hopes of him improving our town as we approached the new millennium. The obvious questions to be asked now are whether or not Mayor Egginton has brought home the bacon?

Has he proved to be value for money? What has he achieved for our town? I must say that I personally am struggling to put a positive spin on his performances, although most people acknowledge he has worked hard whilst in office.

Sadly it seems to be a case of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it was sinking!

I would be interested to know what Tony regards as his greatest achievements during his time as mayor. One of his major problems is that Mansfield Council have few powers and responsibilities, in that the County Council provides the important public services in these parts. It is interesting to note that few (if any) similar local councils have followed Mansfield’s lead and appointed a full time salaried mayor like ours. They cannot all be wrong can they? Even our two local big cities Nottingham and Sheffield turned down the option of electing a mayor, and they are both unitary authorities, which is the type of local council Mansfield should be pushing for in my opinion. If we held a referendum now asking Mansfield people whether or not they wanted to continue to have a full time paid mayor I am confident the answer would be a large turn-out giving a resounding “NO”!

David Stafford


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