Kirkby headteacher pleads with drivers to slow down outside Orchard Primary School

‘Please slow down before a child is seriously injured’ - that is the heartfelt plea to motorists from Kirkby headteacher Rob Cook.

Mr Cook, who is headteacher at Orchard Primary School, issued the appeal this week as concerns continue to grow over the speed and volume of traffic driving past the Chapel Street school.

Head teacher Rob Cook is worried about the volume and  speed of  traffic  outside Orchard Primary school Kirkby

Head teacher Rob Cook is worried about the volume and speed of traffic outside Orchard Primary school Kirkby

Parents and school staff fear a child will be seriously injured or killed if nothing is done to slow down the growing numbers of vehicles driving past the school at the start of school and at home time.

Concerned Mr Cook said: “We have got a superb school in many respects. We have fantastic community support and the children are happy, but the one downside about our school is the location.

“The cars travelling along the very busy main road outside the school is a real worry for us.

“We have a lollypop lady who does a fantastic job helping people cross safely and who has a great relationship with the childen.

“But there are times when she is intimidated by motorists and we also worry what might happen if she was not there for whatever reason. It would make it very difficult for the children to cross safely

“We have pushed councillors before to get a safety crossing outside the school, but have been told there are other roads that have a higher priority.

“It seems like nothing will be done until there is an accident and a child is seriously injured or killed. We need something done before it is too late.

“My message to the motorists is that they need to slow down when they are driving by the school and, If possible, it would be great if parents could walk to school to help take traffic off the road.”

Ashfield MP Gloria de Piero has also written to Nottinghamshire County Council to raise the issue after the matter was raised during a constituency surgery.

Pam Shaw, county road Safety manager for Nottinghamshire County Council, said the current patrol service was regarded as a sufficient safety precaution.

She said: “The County Council provides a school crossing patrol service on Chapel Street every school day from 8.15am to 8.50am and 3.15pm to 3.40pm.”

“Our accident report records covering the last five years, show there have been no reported accidents in the vicinity of the school. We have also previously delivered cycle safety lessons and would be happy to provide further if requested.”