Keep Clipstone headstocks

Brian Meades’ undoubtedly well intentioned suggestion of re-erecting Clipstone headstocks beside the M1 (Chad 5th September) is, in my view, both impractical and inappropriate.I do not doubt Sheila Soar’s zeal or sincerity (Chad 12th September).

And I respect her views, although I do wonder whether her opinion as to the condition of the headstocks is based upon consideration of a full engineering survey. Perhaps, like me, she is relying upon her own observation. Having some knowledge and experience of the construction industry,

I venture the not entirely uninformed opinion that, if left untouched, they will still be standing in 100 years time. There is no denying that the headstocks are in real need of some loving care and expensive renovation. And the sooner the better. The significant argument in favour of retention must be that they are not only dramatic but unique and that they define Clipstone. Would I be happy to have them within 100 yards of my house? Yes I would. They are splendid.

Bob Renshaw,


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