Keep an eye out for your neighbours

DURING the recent very wet and extremely cold weather spells, I have been contacted by a large number of constituents who either have needed extra help and support, by worried neighbours who are concerned about nearby people, or relatives who live some considerable distance away from the Mansfield area.

Thankfully, local services have mostly responded positively to enquiries and appeals for help in these cases. However, what such high levels of concern indicate is that there are around us all, many people who are extremely vulnerable during such weather conditions, especially at this time of year.

My appeal, therefore, is for all constituents to both keep an eye out for any signs or problems amongst their neighbours, curtains remaining permanently closed during the day, etc - little signs of life around the property etc. It only takes a minute to go round and knock to make sure things are ok. Better still, if a telephone number is known, a quick call can easily be made.

Christmas and the rest of the festive season are built upon good will. Such actions and other concerned or neighbourly gestures not only enter into the spirit of this period, but also tell us all individually what kind of people we are.