Indie dance band Jesus Jones return to Nottingham

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It may have been more than two decades since indie dance band Jesus Jones broke into the main stream, but the years have not diminished their enthusiasm.

The five piece, who shot to global fame in the early 90s with mega-selling singles ‘Right Here Right Now’ and ‘International Bright Young Thing’, are back on the road again.

With the original line-up fully reformed (drummer Gen left the band in ‘97 but has recently returned) the Wiltshire-based group are promising an acid trip down memory lane with plans to play their hit album, Doubt, in full at venues across Britain, including Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms.

Keyboard player Iain Baker said:“It’s nice to revisit an album like Doubt, as there are tracks which we’ve played at virtually every gig we’ve played and tracks we only played once or twice live.

“Rediscovering old tunes keeps everything fresh.

“We’re nervous before it starts, unsure if we can remember how to play everything, then as soon as you set foot on the stage it all falls into place.”

Doubt became a huge worldwide success when it was released in 1991, reaching number one in the UK, selling over a million copies in America and spawned two sell-out tours.

Unlike their contemporaries, the band never split up and went on to release four additional albums.

With drummer Gen now back with the band, they feel the time is right to dust down the old tracks -although Iain is adamant it’s not a money-making exercise.

Many bands from the 90s have been panned by the music press for cashing in on old albums in recent years, a motivation dismissed instantly by Iain.

“I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who won’t believe us and are convinced we’re just rinsing our old material to make money,” he said.

“Come and check the accounts after a tour like the one we’re doing. Trust me, we’ll make a lot less than you’d expect!

“To put a show on the road like this costs roughly a grand every single day - there’s hotel costs, van hire, crew costs, and lots of other expenses. It’s not quite the cash cow that you think it is!

“Now, it’s all about doing things for the sheer fun of it. As an antidote to our lives - we’ve all got jobs, careers, or families now - that’s hard to beat.”

They will play Rescue Rooms on 10th September.

Tickets are £15 and can be bought from