I saw her standing there... Mansfield woman spots herself on Beatles book cover

Lilian Groucher with the Beatlemania book on which she believes she appears on the front page.

Lilian Groucher with the Beatlemania book on which she believes she appears on the front page.

Help! I need somebody...

A Mansfield woman is calling on Beatles fans to confirm that a picture on the front cover of a book about The Fab Four was taken in the town 51 years ago, after spotting herself on it.

Paperback Writer fan, Lilian Groucher, had her attention caught by the book, ‘Beatlemania! The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours 1963-65’, when browsing through the shelves at Mansfield Library.

Admitting to being one of millions of screaming teenage supporters of John, Paul, George and Ringo during the 60s, she is convinced that the cover picture was taken during the band’s visit to Mansfield in 1963, when she first saw them live.

Having just turned 16, she was able to get hold of tickets with a friend to see them at The Granada on West Gate on Saturday, 23rd February.

And after studying the cover of the book, which shows a groups of screaming teenage girls holding a banner reading ‘We Love The Beatles’, Lilian thinks she can be seen on the far left of the cover, 
waving at the camera and holding a newspaper photo of Paul McCartney in her other hand.

Lilian now wants to clarify whether the photo was taken in Mansfield, and if it was, is calling for other people who may recognise themselves to come forward.

She explained: “I’d like to know if it was me. I think it is, but my kids aren’t so sure!

“I’m hoping that somebody else recognises themselves. I’m not 100 per cent, I’m not sure where my friend was at the time.

“I keep looking at it and wondering – I’ve even taken the book back once and got it out again!

“I haven’t read all of it, it’s only the first part about how they got started that interests me and it mentions Mansfield in there.”

Lilian does not remember much from the gig, other than the deafening screams from the teenage audience.

“I thought they were brilliant at the time, but I can’t remember that much – I certainly don’t remember that photo being taken, but it was 51 years ago!”

The Beatles had only just begun their meteoric rise to super stardom when they arrived in Mansfield in February 1963.

Only two weeks before, they had recorded 10 of the tracks for their forthcoming debut album, ‘Please Please Me’.

In early 1963, they began touring the country as part of an 11-act bill headlined by teenage singer, Helen Shapiro. The Beatles were fourth on the bill, and typically only played six tracks on the tour, including ‘Please, Please Me’ and ‘Love Me Do’. They returned to Mansfield for the final time a month later, on 26th March, just four days after the release of their debut album.

They played The Granada again but this time as part of the Tommy Roe and Chris Montez tour.

Anyone who can clarify where the photograph should contact Nick at the Chad on 01623 450305.




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