Historical path will be closed

A section of footpath 72
A section of footpath 72

The tug of war campaign to keep Selston’s footpath 72 open has reached a conclusion after years of residents and councillors clashing heads.

Selston Parish Council announced the long awaited decision of a public inquiry held on 24th September last week.

Sam Wilson, chair of Selston Parish Council said he was pleased common sense had prevailed with the decision to extinguish the path.

“The parish council is very pleased that common sense has prevailed. The large majority of residents of the surrounding footpath and the village didn’t think there was a need for the path. During these difficult financial times the maintenance of what was a small section of path will help the council to save money.

“The path hadn’t been used for so many years and the council and majority of residents are happy for it to be extinguished,” He said.

The last remaining section of footpath 72 between the top of Inkerman Street and Inkerman Road has now been closed. Frank Wood, who campaigned for 49 years to keep the path open, died before he could hear the result. He was born at the Inkerman Inn and grew up in Selston using the historical path. Mr Wood questioned the council and said the survey of how many people used the path was biased because it only asked residents on Inkerman Street.