Medical records found by urban explorer at derelict former Mansfield General Hospital

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HUNDREDS of private medical records belonging to Mansfield residents have been unearthed by an ‘urban explorer’ at the town’s former General Hospital.

The ‘urban explorer’ - who wishes only to be known as ‘Mango’ - found boxes of medical notes, prescriptions and mortuary certificates dating back to the 1960s in a cellar at the derelict West Hill Drive site.

Doctor’s diaries, financial records and the medical history of children living on streets nearby the hospital were also discovered.

Mango, who said he only explores disused properties because of his love for photography, says he recognised many of the names on the records as he grew up in the area.

“The information has people’s names and addresses on and their conditions and treatments, I’d hate to think that my family’s medical records had just been left there,” he said.

“The names are of people I know from living just two roads away from them, there’s addresses from Argyle Street, Hall Street and Big Barn Lane.

“Mansfield is a close knit community and the notes are of people who are still alive, there’s children’s notes as well but surely they should all be together at King’s Mill Hospital.

“Medical negligence on any level makes me mad - my blood boils to think that the likelihood is that there must be notes about my family just dumped there.”

Mango says he has been to the eyesore site around five times and discovered the cellar room on his last visit on Friday evening.

“I’ve been there a few times but had never been down these stairs before, I think others may have just walked passed it in the past,” added Mango.

“There is everything you can think of in there, it was all in one room.

“The site has security but it is not monitored 24 hours a day so you can get in if you choose the right time.”

In the past, urbexers — who are also known to have photographed the Clipstone headstocks and Mansfield Shoe Co factory — have been branded daredevils and told they could be prosecuted for trespassing.

But Mango says the idea urban explorers break into properties is a misconception, and safety was a matter of common sense.

“We never break and enter into a property, we never trespass because we leave if we are asked to, we are there to take photos,” he added.

Mansfield General Hospital site is owned by Nottinghamshire businessman MH Adam.

The full story will be published in the Chad on Wednesday.