Gloria De Piero column: Show your support for NHS march

MP Gloria De Piero visits former soldier Kris Harrison who received help from the Royal British Legion after suffering with PTSD.
MP Gloria De Piero visits former soldier Kris Harrison who received help from the Royal British Legion after suffering with PTSD.

JOIN THE NHS MARCH – The NHS People’s March is a real grassroots movement which aims to raise awareness of the privatisation of parts of the National Health Service. I’m going to be standing side by side with the mums from Darlington who set off from their North East home a few days ago to retrace the steps of the famous Jarrow marchers. Ill be there to welcome them when they arrive outside King’s Mill Hospital on Thursday 28th August at 10am. I know the people of Ashfield love the NHS so if you are free that day, why not drop by? Lets give them a very warm and rousing Ashfield welcome.

When things go wrong at home its such a headache. One lady from Kirkby got in touch to tell me about the problems she’s been having since her boiler conked out. She went to stay with friends for two nights while it was being fixed and when she returned she found a large amount of black soot over her walls and furnishings. Metropolitan Housing organised for an engineer to make some minor repairs and passed the boiler as safe. However, she was so concerned she asked the council’s environmental health team to check it out. Low and behold they condemned it immediately but despite her best efforts, including paying for a cleaner, her house was still covered with soot marks. I got on to Metropolitan and they have now agreed to sort it out by arranging for a decorator to carry out the work to her satisfaction. I’m glad i was able to help.

There’s some great businesses in Ashfield and there’s certainly no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in the area. Every time I meet a new business leader I always come away feeling incredibly proud that they’ve set up base here and it’s so important they get support. That’s why I was delighted when I received a letter from bosses at HSBC the other day telling me that local firm, Brightwake, won their regional ‘Global Connections’ competition. I visited the company, which specialises in pharmaceutical supplies, earlier this year and I came away mightily impressed. As anyone knows - if a company is doing well - its down to the workforce as well as the management so well done to all.. I’m not surprised Brightwake are through to the grand final in Scotland on 11th September and I’ll have my fingers crossed. Good luck guys.

And finally some of you will remember that many residents in the Kirkby Road area of Sutton were concerned about the closure of their local post box. I wrote to the chief executive of the Post Office a couple of months ago and called for the post box to be re-opened. I’m STILL waiting for a reply so if anyone at Post Office HQ is reading this - please can you sort this. We’re getting fed up of waiting.