Fundsport boss is back in business

.Fundsport Kirkby
.Fundsport Kirkby

THE director of a group of companies which laid off dozens of jobs last year is to provide similar services through a different firm.

Mark Craddock said Fun in the Sun has changed focus and will now be delivering similar activities to those that were provided by Fundsport.

Fundsport Ltd and French 4 Schools, run by the Kirkby-based Fundsport group, went into voluntary liquidation in December.

Between the two firms 57 staff were let go in November.

Four other employees of a third firm in the group, Cornerstone Consulting Solutions, were also laid off.

Mr Craddock said this week Fun in the Sun had been incorporated in January 2011, and would be delivering similar activities that Fundsport had provided.

Fundsport provided specialist sports coaching for dozens of schools around the area.

Temporary rental terms for the unit on the Lowmoor Road Business Park, Kirkby, previously rented by Fundsport, have been agreed, Mr Craddock said.