Firework nuisance: Cash Crisis? What crisis?

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What cost of living crises? When did bonfire night turn into firework fortnight? Probably nearer a month to be honest.

Taking the amount of munitions being discharged around the area I live, I really don’t see how there can be. Most nights but especially the weekends recently, it’s been like the naval bombardment before the D Day landings.

They aren’t penny bangers anymore either, £20-£30 for a small box. I wonder if they count in the heating-before-eating furore?

Has anybody ever calculated the cost of bonfire night (it’s the 5th of November to those who’ve forgotten) to the social security budget?

I personally think it would pay for lots of new doctors and nurses.

Whoops another doodlebug. Excuse me while I tie the earmuffs to the dog with a thick scarf.

Les Sirland

Mansfield Woodhouse